Glory Days


The word that has inspired this project is GROW. "We get by with a little help from our friends. Grow, thrive and bloom." Daily Affirmations Cards and Booklet by Melissa Reyes It amazes me that Morning Glories can thrive with just a little bit of sun and water. They reseed themselves and come back every year more beautiful than the year before.


This is a simplified version of the original design to accommodate the allotted 2 hours. We will create a lattice support for our blossoms to cling to. Some are new buds, some open, while another has gone by. Don't forget to spray for bugs!  

Supply List

- Wood panel 4" x 12" x 7/8" birch

- Tape 3/4" wide, Ruler, chalk pencil

- 1" Chip brush

Palette - DecoArt Americana Acrylics: Blue Violet DA141, Cadmium Yellow DA010, Dioxazine Purple DA101, Dove Grey DA069, Foliage Green DA269, Hauser Medium Green DA132, Magenta DA368, Midnite Green DA084, Mississippi Mud DA094, Plantation Pine DA113, Purple Cow DA272, Red Violet DA140, Snow White DA01 **Colors in bold were added after original posting.**

Prep: Please watch the video on how to paint the background. If you have any questions, please contact me. After background is painted, transfer the pattern on. Base each flower blossom & bud Snow White. Base each leaf Hauser Medium Green.