Flowers in the Rain


The word that has inspired this project is CENTER. "It is easier to balance when you have your priorities firmly in place. You can always come back to center." Daily Affirmations Cards and Booklet by Melissa Reyes

This is a fun, relaxing and magical project. Paint with permanent markers and rubbing alcohol. NOTE: you should have good ventilation. Enjoy the Flowers in the Rain!



Supply List

  • Tote bag (white)
  • Freezer wrap paper (for backing of fabric)
  • Iron
  • Permanent Markers (black shown on the left / color on the right above)
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Pipe-ette or eye dropper
  • Gems (various sizes-shapes-colors)
  • Fabric Fusion Glue (for gems)
  • Identi-Pen black (does not bleed)

Prep: Turn bag inside out. Place Freezer wrap, wax side down, onto bag. Swipe iron over the PAPER side of the freezer wrap paper to adhere to tote. Turn tote outside out. Now you are ready to create magic.