Bad  Sneakers

Bad Sneakers Final.jpg

The word that has inspired this project is ENERGIZE. "Rise and shine! Feel the warmth within you transform and brighten your spirit. Utilize that exuberance to animate your joyfulness.." Daily Affirmations Cards and Booklet by Melissa Reyes No matter what kind of a day you had yesterday, or that you may have tomorrow, make the most of TODAY! You can do it. Be the brightest YOU that you can be.

To help put a bounce in your step, let's paint some happy shoes using colors and shapes that bring a smile to your face. 


Supply List:

  • canvas shoes/sneakers (neutral light color)
  • Identi-Pen black*
  • fabric marker/pen that disappears *  
  • favorite color acrylic paints Or fabric paints (I used DecoArts NEW Stylin' Paints)
  • Paint Adhesion Medium if using acrylics
  • Your Imagination! Or rubberstamps, a line drawing from another artist, coloring book outline, etc.
  • Interfacing (for transferring pattern on to show - optional)

(*These items are included in the Paint Box of the Month.)